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COVID Relief Fund (CRF) COVID-19 Stanwood SOARING Small Business Grant Program


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Application Information
  3. 3. CARES Act Small Business Stabilization Application
  4. 4. Application Questions
  5. 5. Required Certifications*
  • Step One

    1. Eligibility Determination
      Grantees cannot have received previous City CARES Act funds or County CARES Act funds. In addition, there can be no doubling up from any other federal source. In order to be eligible for City of Stanwood CRF funds for COVID-19 relief, the following eligibility requirements must be met:
    2. a. Geographic Location Requirement:
      Must be a Stanwood, Washington Business located within the City of Stanwood º Have been a going-concern for at least six months prior to March 23, 2020 º Provide a registered UBI Number and Stanwood Business License in good standing
    3. b. Discover Stanwood Camano PLACES
      Have their business listed in the Discover Stanwood Camano PLACES business directory on
    4. c. Business Size
      Businesses must have 15 or fewer employees (including the business owner of 51% ownership)
    5. d. COVID-19 Related Reduction
      Businesses must certify at least a 25% reduction in revenue attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic
    6. Priority will be given to restaurants, retail and other service businesses and non-profits who have a commercial address (home based businesses not eligible).
    7. Eligible expenses include rent, utilities, inventory and equipment, PPE supplies and preparing business for re-opening
    8. COVID-19 is causing a catastrophic economic impact on Stanwood’s small business community. The Stanwood SOARING Small Business Grant Program is a positive step, but it may not provide enough funding for every injured business to receive a grant, nor will it fix all the damage caused to those businesses that receive a grant. Unfortunately, many businesses that qualify and are deserving may not receive a Stanwood SOARING grant. Other small business funding opportunities are available through the State of Washington or SBA.