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House/Vacation Check Request Form

  1. In our efforts to make the community safer and to reduce crime, the Stanwood Police Department offers this service free of charge. If requested, we will periodically check the exterior of your home to make sure all doors and windows are secured. We will contact you directly with any questions or concerns that arise.
  2. Instructions
    Please complete all sections of this form prior to submission. The information you list on this form will be kept confidential. If there are any changes to the information you provide, after submission, please contact the Stanwood Police Department at 425-388-5290.
  3. Type of Premises
  4. Alarm System on Premises?
  5. Audible only, motion activated, etc.
  6. System monitored by company?
  7. Someone that can respond if alarm activated.
  8. What Will Be Left on?
  9. Interior Lights
  10. Exterior Lights
  11. Radio or Television
  12. Keys Left With:
  13. In case of emergency, do you wish to be notified?
  14. Method(s) by which you wish to be notified:
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