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Extra Patrol Request

  1. The Stanwood Police Department strives to make our community safer, and we believe that we can only do this with your assistance. We are most successful in preventing crime when citizens take an active role in sharing information and reporting problems early. Please complete and submit this form if you are experiencing issues in your neighborhood and would like us to increase our patrols to address a specific concern. This form should be used to address issues such as ongoing suspicious activity, neighborhood drug houses, or other criminal activity.

    In-progress issues should be reported immediately to 911.
  2. Instructions
    Enter contact information (not required) with a valid email address. Next, enter in a location (this is a required field) and a nearest cross street. Describe the specific problem and include any license plates, clothing descriptions, etc. Next select the days and times the violation(s) most often occurs and fill out any additional information that will assist the Stanwood Police Department.
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