Does the City of Stanwood have a leash law?

Yes. It is unlawful for the owner or custodian of any dog to cause, permit or allow such dog to roam, run, stray, or to be away from the premises of such owner or custodian and to be on any public place, or on any public property, or the private property of another in the city of Stanwood, unless such dog, while away from such premises, is controlled by a leash or lead, such control to be exercised by such owner or custodian or other competent and authorized person. Any dog found roaming, running, straying or being away from such premises and not on a leash as provided in this section may be impounded subject to redemption in the manner provided by this chapter. (Ordinance 1033, 1998).

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For more information about animal control, please visit the Stanwood Dog Licenses page.

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