Why do I need to call before I dig?

Requesting a locate is free, but not requesting one can be expensive and dangerous. Locating utility lines buried underground can help you dig around them safely and help prevent personal injury, property damage, interrupted service and monetary liabilities that can result from a line being hit. It is also the law. Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.122.030 (link is external) states you must call before you dig.

If you plan to dig more than 12 inches deep, call 811! You can find out what’s buried, for free, before you:

  • Build a deck
  • Build a shed
  • Dig a well or septic tank
  • Install a fence
  • Install private utilities to a shop, barn, garage, greenhouse, etc.
  • Install sprinkler systems
  • Plant trees

Make sure to call 811 at least 48 hours before you plan to dig. The center will then notify agencies with utilities in your area to mark their lines.

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1. Why do I need to call before I dig?
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