Vehicle Prowl Prevention

Vehicle prowls are the theft of property from a motor vehicle.   Most are crimes of opportunity through unlocked doors and open windows. If the suspect sees items in the vehicle that they want there can be expensive damage done to their windows, doors, and locks.  

Unfortunately, vehicle prowls are very common. Luckily, they are preventable. Use these easy and inexpensive tips to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of vehicle prowl:

Park and Secure your vehicle: 

  • Use a garage or secure location whenever possible
  • Park in well-lit areas where your car can be seen
  • Avoid isolated areas. Park near locations frequently used by pedestrians
  • If you hear something suspicious (shattering glass) or see someone looking into vehicles, call 911
  • Roll up the windows and lock all doors
  • Secure the trunk, hatches, bed-mounted tool boxes, and canopies
  • Activate your alarm
  • Install anti-theft devices

Anti Theft Devices:

  • Steering wheel locking devices are easy to install and inexpensive
  • Car alarms are convenient and effective - Especially if they disable the vehicle’s starter when activated
  • Install switches to interrupt the fuel supply or electrical systems
  • Locking gas caps deters fuel from being siphoned