2020 Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code Amendments

The City of Stanwood has initiated an amendment to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations based on the 2019/2020 Docket Applications which include several rezone requests with associated zoning code amendments. Changes in the City’s Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations, Comprehensive Plan Text Amendments, and Zoning Code Amendments are being consolidated into a cumulative review process.

2020 Docket Items

1Scott Wammack / Lisa Sather (Sather Family Trust)

Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment with a concurrent rezone to add the Mixed-Use Overlay designation to 2 vacant parcels currently zoned General Commercial located south of 265th Street NW within the Haggen Complex.  Parcel Numbers: 32042900204500 and 32042900207100

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2Scott Wammack / Brett Sibert

Comprehensive Plan Amendment with a concurrent rezone to add the Mixed-Use Overlay designation to a vacant parcel currently zoned General Commercial located on the southwest corner of 265th Street and 72nd Avenue.  Parcel Number: 32042900206000

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3City of Stanwood

Comprehensive Plan Amendment with a concurrent rezone from Light Industrial to Mainstreet Business II along the north side of 271st Street between 92nd Avenue NW and 90th Avenue NW.  Parcel Numbers: 32041900304800, 32041900305100, 32041900308700, 32041900305200, 32041900308900, 32041900305300, and 32041900302600

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4City of Stanwood

Comprehensive Plan Amendment with a concurrent zone of City park properties from various zoning districts to a new Parks and Open Space designation.  Parks subject to this proposal include: 

  • Heritage Park (Parcel Numbers: 32032400413200, 32032400400100 and 32032400304900),
  • Hamilton Landing Park (Parcel Number 32032400414600 and 32032400414700),
  • Ovenell Park (Parcel Numbers: 32032400300100, 32032400305600, 32032300401200, 32032300400700, and 32032400300300),
  • Church Creek Park (Parcel Number 32042000301800) and
  • Lions Park (Parcel Number 00470000200100).

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5City of Stanwood

Comprehensive Plan Text and Map amendment to reflect the proposed rezone amendments.

As part of this process, the City may consider the Mixed-Use Overlay zone over all General Commercial zone properties in the Uptown Center.

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6City of Stanwood

Zoning code amendments to potentially amend the building height and density requirements of the Mixed-Use zoning overlay and the Multi-Family Residential zoning designation.  As part of this process the City may be considering the following: 

  • 40-foot building height in the Multi-Family Residential zones, which would allow for three-story buildings.  
  • 50-foot building height in the Mixed-Use zoning overlay, which would allow for four-story buildings. 
  • Density that is controlled by height, parking, landscaping, park/open space requirements of the code instead of a set number for the Mixed-Use zoning overlay.
7City of Stanwood
Amendments to the Capital Facilities Element of the Comprehensive Plan to update both the 6-year and 20-year Capital Improvement Plan project lists.