Overview of StandwoodEveryone is impacted by how land is used. Land Use may be understood as a decision-making process used to determine how land should be developed to meet the needs of:

  • Businesses
  • Government
  • Organizations
  • Residents
  • Schools

Examples of land use include addressing a variety of housing in residential developments, adding more bike lanes or pedestrian paths and determining whether land should be zoned for commercial or industrial use. These are just a few ways in which land can be developed to meet the needs of a community.

Railroad TracksCommunity Engagement

The City of Stanwood values community engagement and that begins with understanding land use and how the planning process works. The intent of this page is to provide information for residents, the business community, organizations, and concerned citizens in order to engage in conversations that will allow Stanwood to continue its growth while still maintaining its small-town character.

Couple at a Produce StandLand Use

View information on Land Use (PDF).