Emergency Management

Emergency Management Steps GraphCity of Stanwood Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

I. Introduction

A. Mission
The City of Stanwood will prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters (both natural and technological) to its best ability with available resources. This will be done for the purpose of protecting lives, property, the environment, and the economy.

B. Purpose
To establish the City of Stanwood emergency management functions and define the responsibilities of city departments, assisting and cooperating agencies and elected officials. This plan is intended as a comprehensive framework for city-wide preparedness, response, and recovery activities.

C. Scope and Applicability
The CEMP considers both natural and technological emergencies and disasters likely to impact the City of Stanwood (as described in the 2010 Snohomish County Hazards Identification and Vulnerability Analysis - HIVA), and provides:

  • A comprehensive general framework for effective use of government, private sector, and volunteer resources.
  • This plan follows the guidelines outlined by the State of Washington’s CEMP Planning Guide and is consistent with the Snohomish County CEMP. Although this plan shares general emergency management planning concepts with neighboring jurisdictions, it stands alone.

Disaster Preparedness

Are you really ready for the next disaster? The City’s disaster response plans assume that residents and businesses will be prepared to survive a disaster by having a minimum of a three-day supply of food, water, clothing, and items to help stay warm and informed. Learn more about the steps in getting prepared.