Capital Improvement Project List

The purpose of Capital Improvement Planning is to:

  • Ensure that these facilities will be in place when development occurs
  • Provide adequate public facilities to serve existing and new development
  • Reduce the cost of serving new development with public facilities

The capital improvement plan is a six or more year plan of capital projects with estimated costs and proposed methods of financing that is updated annually.


While the City Council adopts a capital budget each year, the planning and actual expenditure of funds for capital projects generally occur over a period of years. The City’s plans identify the capital improvements needed to serve existing residents and maintain levels of service as new residents and businesses move into the City, and include:

  • Capital Facilities Plan
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • General Sewer Plan
  • Park and Recreation Open Space Plan
  • Stormwater Management Plan
  • Transportation Improvement Plan
  • Water System Plan

The City Council also adopts a set of community improvement goals as a part of the annual budget process.

Projects & Supporting Documents

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