Start a Neighborhood Watch

Police Car on a Neighborhood StreetWe want to build a network of concerned, involved citizens who will partner with the Stanwood Police Department to keep the peace in the City of Stanwood...because we can’t do it without you. It’s simply not possible for us to keep an officer on every corner, nor would you want us to. We’re not a police state.

Benefits of Neighborhood Watch

  • Reduces your risk of becoming a crime victim, by teaching you preventive measure
  • Trains you how to observe and report suspicious behavior.
  • Gets you acquainted with neighbors and helps you address issues of mutual interest
  • Keeps you informed of criminal activity in your area
  • Teaches you how to get rid of neighborhood nuisances
  • Gives you a greater sense of security, because you know that your neighbors are watching out for you
  • Improves communication between neighborhoods and the deputies who serve them
  • Empowers and strengthens your neighborhood


Neighborhood Watch is built upon the notion that crime prevention is a shared responsibility. Deputies are paid to work against crime on a full-time basis, but citizens also need to get involved to:

  • Report crime when they see it
  • Get to know their neighbors
  • Do everything they can to take away the opportunity for crime to occur in their neighborhoods

Deputies may look like they’re powerful; they carry guns and big sticks. But citizens are actually much more powerful if they get organized and cooperate with each other.

Neighborhood Watch is based on this concept of cooperation, and statistics show that it works. When a concerned citizenry does its part, the results are positive and the possibilities are endless.

Start a Neighborhood Watch

Please contact us by phone at 425-388-5290 or email the Police Department if you’re interested in setting up a Neighborhood Watch program in your area. For more information, you can check out our Neighborhood Watch Tip Sheet (PDF).