Code Compliance Process

The City’s policy on Code Compliance is complaint-driven. The City staff does not proactively enforce code violations unless life/safety issues are involved.

  1. Code Complaint Form (PDF) is received.
  2. Code Compliance Officer conducts initial investigation and determines whether or not there is a violation of the Stanwood Municipal Code or other applicable regulation.
  3. Code Compliance Officer notifies the property owner/tenant that a violation exists and the appropriate action required to correct the violation.
  4. Code Compliance Officer notifies the complainant of action taken (if any).
  5. If the violation is not corrected, a Notice of Violation and Order to Correct is issued. If the violation is still not corrected, fines of up to $ 500 per offense/per day may be assessed until the violation is corrected.
  6. An appeal may be requested within 10 days of issuance.
  7. Should the violation still fail to be corrected, the City may abate the violation and pursue legal action to recoup the costs incurred.