Code Compliance

Program Mission

The mission of the Code Compliance program is to enhance the overall public safety and welfare of everyone who lives, works, and visits the City of Stanwood by enforcement of the Stanwood Municipal Code.

Complaints & Requests

To reach Code Compliance, please contact the Community Development Department at 360-629-2181, or submit a Code Complaint Form (PDF).

Working in the Interest of the Community

Code compliance is a complaint-driven program responsible for enforcement of the building, zoning and nuisance codes of the City of Stanwood. It is committed to seeking voluntary compliance and cooperation in resolving code violation issues.

Code Compliance Officers often find themselves working as neighborhood mediators and liaisons between government and citizens. If at any point, the accused shows progress or appears to be coordinating efforts with the officer, timelines will be extended.

It is important to remember the delicate social issues at hand (cultural, financial, physical and mental health, and other similar issues). The ultimate goal, is to fix the violations and keep them from reoccurring in order to maintain and stabilize every neighborhood in the community.

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