Notary Services

Notary Public - Fountain Pen

Notary Services are not offered to the public at this time. 

Free notary service is available at the City of Stanwood for city-related business. There is a $10 per notarized page charge for non-city notary services. The notary service hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm.

According to Washington State Notary guidelines, all signers must be physically present and properly identified during notarization.


Acceptable forms of identification (ID):

  • ID must be current (expired ID will not be accepted).
  • ID must be issued by a federal or state government (example: Passport, Drivers License, or State ID).
  • ID must contain the individual's photograph, signature, and physical description.

Required Witness

If your document requires your signature witnessed, please provide the witness.

Notary Language

All documents need to include Washington State Notary Language.